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Louise Dearman:
27 December 2012, 1-10 August 2013

Gina Beck:
28 December 2012, 12 January 2013, 2 February 2013, 18-20 April 2013, 1-15 June 2013

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The site has now been updated
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Cast Holidays
Cast holidays have now been updated
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The Message Board has been removed from the website
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Website Update
Cast pages, past and present, have now been altered.
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Oz Dust Confidential #010
London's ensemble member Nadine Cox, talks to WickedUK!
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Full Cast Announced
The full cast list for Wicked 2008/2009 has now been announced.
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Kerry's off to Broadway
Kerry Ellis is heading to Broadway, where she will be playing Elphaba in the Broadway production. She will be there for six-months only, so if you can, drop by!
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New Morrible
Harriett Thorpe stars as London's new Madame Morrible.
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:: Oz Dust Confidential ::
Nadine Cox
#010 - Nadine Cox
In this issue we speak to current London cast member Nadine Cox.

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