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Site Update

The website has now had a big update in terms of cast, current and past. A few dead links have been fixed, and a few things altered a bit. Enjoy!

Cast Holidays

Finally, cast holidays for Christmas and 2013 have now been added to the site. You can check them out on the main page. Please remember that only principle cast member holidays are listed.

Message Board

Thank you to everyone that was a member and who participated in our little online community. Unfortunately, due to inactivity, it was decided to remove this interactive section from our website.

Website Update

Sorry it took so long! WickedUK now has a fully up-to-date cast page, including both past and current students! Better late than never!

Oz Dust Confidential #010

The TENTH edition of Oz Dust Confidential brings you an in-sight from current ensemble member and Morrible understudy, Nadine Cox. Join us as we discover a few truths about her characters and life in Wicked.

Full Cast Announced

Our new cast for 2008/2009 will now feature: Alexia Khadime as Elphaba, Dianne Pilkington as Glinda, Oliver Tompsett as Fiyero, Harriet Thorpe as Madame Morrible, Desmond Barrit as The Wizard, Caroline Keiff as Nessarose, Jeremy Legat as Boq and Andy Mace as Doctor Dillamond. Ashleigh Gray will be Standby Elphaba and Sarah Earnshaw will be Standby Glinda. The ensemble are: Cindy Belliot, Matthew Boulton, Sabrina Carter, Nadine Cox, Matthew Croke, Aileen Donohoe, A C Garcia, Kady-Jo Jackson, Keeley Jane Jackson, Alex Jessop, Richard Kent, Aimee Lewis, Pippa Lloyd, Mitchell Mahony, Adam Murray, Rachel Muldoon, Sean Parkins, Jake Samuels, David Stoller, Liam Connor Tamne, Chloe Taylor, Lindsay Taylor, Emily Tierney, Hannah Toy, George Ure and Gary Wood. Please note: Kerry Ellis will return to play Elphaba from Monday 1 December 2008.

Kerry's off to Broadway

Kerry Ellis, currently playing Elphaba, is off to Broadway to continue her award-winning performance of Elphaba at the Gershwin Theatre, New York! Kerry will leave the London production at Cast Change, 7th June 2008, and will begin performances in New York on the 17th June. For those down-hearted about the news, fear not. Once Kerry finishes her six-month stint on Broadway, she will be back with us and the London cast!! Her London engagement recommences in December 2008.

New Morrible

Harriett Thorpe, known for her appearances in the Brittas Empire and Absolutely Fabulous, joins the London on 14th April 2008 as the new Madame Morrible, replacing Susie Blake, who left the company on 12th April 2008. Make sure you go and see Harriett, as an actress with such comic timing, we are definitely about to see a side of Morrible that has not been seen before!

Oz Dust Confidential #009

This next Oz Dust has been a long time coming! We are finally happy to announce our latest arrival in the Oz Dust Confidential series. This time around we speak exclusively to Dianne Pilkington, who plays Glinda in the London production.

Morrible Leaving

The official Wicked website has announced that current Madame Morrible star, Susie Blake, will be leaving the role before the official cast change, which is due to take place on 7th June 2008. Susie's last performance as Madame Morrible will now be on the 12th April 2008.

Cast Change 2008

It is looking likely that this year's cast change will take place on June 7th, 2008. Those who are staying/leaving have yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more information.

New Website!

Yes, the new website design is finally here. Originally, I had intended to launch it in time with the cast change, but due to bugs in the system, that could not be achieved. However, those bugs have been ironed out and now hopefully everything is fully functional! So go crazy and have a quick surf around. If you find anything not working, then just pop along to the message board and drop us a line! Otherwise, enjoy!

Oz Dust Confidential #008

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the lack of Oz Dusts recently! With the cast change, we thought we would let the new cast get acquainted with the show before we bombarded them with questions! Anyway, we are pleased to announce our latest edition! This month we bring you an exclusive with 'new boy' Haydn Oakley. So join us as he discusses his life at Wicked.

New Glinda, Fiyero and Dr Dillamond

Dianne Pilkington joins the cast as Glinda, replacing current actress, Helen Dallimore. Meanwhile, current ensemble members Andy Mace and Oliver Tompsett are promoted to take over the roles of Dr Dillamond and Fiyero, respectively, replacing Martin Ball and Adam Garcia. Helen, Adam and Martin perform their last show on Saturday, 14th July 2007.

Oz Dust Confidential #007

WickedUK is proud to bring you yet ANOTHER Oz Dust Confidential! This month we bring you an exclusive with London's Nessarose, Katie Rowley-Jones. So join us as she discusses her character and life at Wicked.

Oz Dust Confidential #006

They are coming fast and furious now! The next Oz Dust Confidential has arrived! This month we bring you an exclusive with London's stand-by Glinda, Annalene Beechey. Sadly, Annalene has now left the London cast, but before she left, we were able to grab an interview. So join us as she discusses her character and her time at Wicked.

2007-2008 Cast Announced!

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived - our new London cast has been announced! Yes, the official cast listing for the 2007-2008 London production has now been announced. Our line up looks like this:

ELPHABA - Kerry Ellis
GLINDA - Dianne Pilkington*
FIYERO - Oliver Tompsett
NESSAROSE - Katie Rowley Jones
BOQ - James Gillan
THE WIZARD - Nigel Planer

STAND-BY ELPHABA: Cassidy Janson
STAND-BY GLINDA: Sarah Earnshaw

Gary Amers*, Nicola Brazil*, Nadine Cox, Aileen Donohoe*, Ashleigh Gray*, Aimee Hall, Kady Jo Jackson, Caroline Keiff, Mark Henry-Evans*, John Hicks*, Dougal Irvine*, Latoya Laijan*, Mitchell Mahony*, Christopher Mitchell*, Adam Murray, Haydn Oakley*, Sean Parkins*, Michael Pickering*, David Stoller*, Lindsay Taylor*, Hannah Toye*, Kerry Washington, Lucy Waugh* and Gary Wood* Congratulations to those who are joining the cast in July. Those leaaving the current cast, including Helen Dallimore, Adam Garcia and Martin Ball, will perform their last shows on 14th July, with the new cast starting on the 16th July.

* = new cast members

Oz Dust Confidential #005

Yes, finally we had a further edition to our Oz Dust Confidential files! We apology for the lack of new additions. This month we bring you an exclusive with London's Boq, James Gillan. Join us as he discusses Glinda, the lion, and sharing some interesting in-sights into his character!

Welcome New Shizstress!

On April 2nd, Susie Blake officially joined the cast of London's Wicked. Susie, of TV's Coronation Street fame, joins the cast as school headmistress, Madame Morrible. Good luck to Susie as she settles into the London production!

Miriam's Last

Yes, the time has come to wish Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible) a fond farewell. Miriam's final show as Morrible will take place on Saturday, 31st March. WickedUK wishes her luck with her future projects.

Oz Dust Confidential #004

ODC #004 sees us speak with London's ensemble member Cassidy Janson, who is 1st understudy cover for Elphaba. She recently had a chance to play Elphaba in London's Apollo Victoria, to rave reviews! Come and find out just what it was like to go on as leading lady in one of the West End's biggest shows with only a few hours notice! Read her Oz Dust Confidential now!

Oz Dust Confidential #003

This time we are pleased to announce that Helen Dallimore, our very own London Glinda has agreed to take part in Oz Dust Confidential. Join us as we discover some very interesting facts about her character!

Oz Dust Confidential #002

Martin Ball, London's Dr Dillamond, talks to WickedUK in the latest edition of Oz Dust Confidential

Oz Dust Confidential

As promised, one of the most exciting additions to WickedUK is finally here. I was hoping this would have been ready earlier, but unfortunately that has not been the case. Anyway, OZ DUST CONFIDENTIAL is our exclusive interview-based featurette with the cast (and maybe even crew!) of London's Wicked production. We are very pleased and honoured to announce that our very first 'Citizen of Oz' to speak to Oz Dust Confidential is our very own British Elphaba, Kerry Ellis! So why not hope on over to Oz Dust Confidential and catch up on all the Wicked gossip!

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

As of 1st January 2007, Kerry Ellis takes over from Idina Menzel as the green witch, Elphaba. Kerry has been with the cast since the beginning as stand-by for Elphaba, and has been on nine times since September.

The newest member of the Wicked cast is Shona White. She joins the cast as Kerry's replacement in the role of stabd-by Elphaba.

WickedUK would like to wish both women good luck with their new roles!

So long, farewell...

30th December 2006's 7:30pm show sees Idina Menzel play out her final performance as London's green witch, Elphaba, bringing to an end her limited run in London. Ms Menzel created the role of Elphaba in the original Broadway production.

The tranformation begins...

With Movin' Out closing early, work has already begun on transforming the inside of the theatre. The greenifying process has began, with the walls of the auditorium transformed overnight to a lovely shade of green!

Cast News

The full cast listing has finally been released for the London production of Wicked.

ELPHABA Idina Menzel
GLINDA Helen Dallimore
FIYERO Adam Garcia
MORRIBLE Miriam Margolyes
WIZARD Nigel Planer
NESSAROSE Katie Rowley Jones
BOQ James Gillan

Kerry Ellis (Elphaba)
Annalene Beechey (Glinda)

Simon Adkins, Paul Ayres, Joseph Connor, Nadine Cox, Sarah Earnshaw, Jye Frasca, Maria Graciano, Nicky Griffiths, Simon Harwick, Pippa Higgs, Melissa Hunte, Cassidy Janson, Caroline Keiff, Joshua Lacey, Andy Mace, Dominic Shaw, Philippa Stefani, Craig Stein, Oliver Tompsett, Tim Walton and Kerry Washington.

London: Glinda

It was announced today that Australian actress Helen Dallimore will star as Glinda the Good. Wicked will mark Helen's West End debut.

London: Wizard and Morrible

Veteran actors Nigel Planer (We Will Rock You) and Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets) have been announced to join the cast of the London production as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and school headmistress, Madame Morrible.

Kerry Ellis - UK's Elphaba

Idina Menzel is currently playing Elphaba for a limited run of 3-months. It has now been confirmed that her current stand-by, Kerry Ellis, will take over from Idina Menzel in the New Year as full-time Elphaba.

Idina back in Wicked!

It has been confirmed that original Broadway Elphaba, Idina Menzel, will reprise her Tony-Award role for the London production of Wicked, which will open for previews on 7th September 2006, and officially on 27th September 2006.

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