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What is WickedUK?
WickedUK is a fansite dedicated to the cast (and crew) of the wonderful London production of Wicked, which is currently playing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London's West End.

WickedUK History
WickedUK was in the planning in about August 2005, long before we had a definitive date for a UK production - at the time it was still all rumour and speculation as to whether Wicked would come to the West End! Once an official announcement was made at the end of 2005, I put into action my plans and WickedUK made its first appearance online in January 2006, although for a month or so it remained nothing more than an intro page. It was not until March 2006 that the site began to take shape as more news on casting and the like were released. At this time the message board made the main section of the site, while all the relevant information was gathered for a site launch to run in conjuction with the show opening for previews at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London.

July 2007 saw London have it's first full cast change, loosing priniciples Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero) and Martin Ball (Dr Dillamond), along with a large portion of the ensemble. While this big change was taking place on stage, we underwent our own change, and launched version 2 of WickedUK! Now, we find ourselves fast approaching the 10,000 visitors mark and are enjoying a thriving online community via the Message Board.

Who Are We?
Currently, we are a mere few! Between myself and my sister, we run the site, while we have creative and artistic input from our Artistic Director, Vim! Here is just a little information about us all!

ElphieFabalaFae (aka EFF) - Owner
I first heard the Wicked soundtrack during a walk-up when one of my actors hi-jacked the sound system. Anyway, from hearing just 'The Wizard and I' and 'Defying Gravity' I was hooked and immediately bought my own copy of the soundtrack and read the book, all before any official announcements about the show ever coming to the UK had been made! I had been planning WickedUK in the hope that the show did come over, and thank goodness it did! So I am responsible for creating and designing this place, and attending to all the administration and boring things like that! You can come and catch me on the message board most days, where I have earned myself quite a reputation for writing very good, extremely looooong show reviews, as read by both fans and cast members alike!

EFF's lil Sis - Administrator/Proof Reader
As her username states, she is my little sister. For months I was going on about Wicked and she was very blarsay about it. She attended one of the first preview shows with me and was not very impressed. After some extensive persuasion, she came with me to another show and was hooked from that point on! Now, she helps me keep everything running smoothly, especially on the message board, where she helps keep those nasty spammers away from our lovely online community! She is also my main proof reader for the board as well as the website!

Vim - Artistic Director
We met over the Internet several months before any formal announcement of a UK Wicked production was made, and have been friends since. She is an awesome artist and was paramount in helping/advising with the initial website design and setup, although due to real life committments her time with us now has been seriously restricted. She is the provider of our awesome, unique and exclusive character drawings and graphics, which can be found under Dear Old Shiz >> Characters. I am eternally grateful for her contribution!

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